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Area rugs can provide outstanding services to homeowners in beauty, durability, and protection, especially in busy homes with pets, children, or both. The benefits found with area rugs can cater to all these needs simultaneously for full-service flooring that serves homeowners well. Consider the following facts as you shop for your flooring needs, and let us know how we can help take your plans to the next level.

Enjoy everything area rugs offer

Many homeowners use these pieces to create layers of visual appeal, especially in large areas where custom rugs beautify spaces like foyers, dining rooms, and living areas. Custom rugs are available in any shape, size, color, and pattern, with three distinct binding options that cater to specific needs. Choose a regular, standard binding, binding tape, or fringing, in any width or color, for options that work in any room with any décor scheme.

Area rugs are available in various fiber options, many of the same as you find in carpet selection, including nylon, wool, polyester, and acrylic, to name a few. Each fiber offers its own benefits, and one of our rugs for sale will likely serve your needs best in certain areas. Ask about the built-in stain and odor protection, especially if your primary use of the rugs is to protect or add durability.

If you need to protect the surface of your main floors, area rugs work well to prevent excessive wear but also catch and trap dust and debris. They're easy to clean, even if you must take them to a professional cleaner, and the results can add years of lifespan to each one. Ask about all the features that cater to your household's needs through custom rugs, and we'll give you the information you want and need.

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Riemer Floors has served our customers for decades with outstanding products and services, so you never have to go alone. We provide the best brands, expert installations, and competitive pricing that comes from our extensive buying power. So, consider our track record and excellent standing with Houzz, Google, Angie's List, and the Better Business Bureau for increased peace of mind, and contact us to get started.

You're invited to visit our showroom in Bloomfield, MI, whenever you're in the area to browse area rugs that could meet all your needs. We cater to residents in Bloomfield, MI, West Bloomfield, MI, Birmingham, MI, Rochester, MI, and Troy, MI, and we look forward to serving you too. So, stop by today to learn more about these materials and how they meet your requirements.