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Open concept kitchen with light wood-look flooring

Three Tips on How to Choose Flooring for an Open Concept Design

Open concept designs have become increasingly popular, offering a sense of spaciousness and seamless flow throughout the home. However, selecting the right flooring for an open concept design can be a challenge. In this guide, we will provide three essential tips to help you choose flooring that enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your open concept space. Let's explore how to create a cohesive and visually pleasing environment in your home.

modern entryway

Top 1: Pick One Flooring for Consistency and Flow

To maintain a cohesive look and uninterrupted flow in your open concept design, it is crucial to select one flooring material for the entire space. Mixing different types of flooring between rooms can create visual barriers and disrupt the overall aesthetic. By choosing a single flooring material, you create a seamless transition that visually expands the space and enhances its continuity.

industrial style kitchen

Tip 2: Pick the Right Plank Size for Your Home

When selecting hardwood flooring for an open concept design, consider the scale of your home and choose the appropriate plank size. The width and length of the planks can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the space. Here's why it's important:

Larger Planks: In a spacious open concept design, wider and longer planks can create a sense of grandeur and sophistication. They can visually expand the space and provide a more substantial, seamless look.

Smaller Planks: In smaller homes or rooms within an open concept design, narrower planks can create an illusion of width and make the space feel more intimate. They can add character and charm to the overall design.

Matching the scale of your home with the proper width and length of hardwood planks ensures that your flooring harmonizes with the overall proportions of the space.

cozy living room

Tip 3: Pick a Versatile Color for Multiple Rooms

In an open concept design, the flooring color should complement multiple areas, such as the entryway, kitchen, dining room, and living room. Opt for a versatile color that blends well with various design styles and color schemes. Neutral tones or warm browns, are popular choices as they provide a timeless and versatile backdrop for different decor elements. These colors can seamlessly connect the different areas of your open concept space and allow for easy coordination with furniture, wall colors, and accessories.

Creating Harmony in Your Open Concept Design

Choosing the right flooring for an open concept design is essential for creating a harmonious and visually appealing space. By following these three tips, you can ensure consistency and flow throughout your home. If you have any further questions or need assistance, our expert team at Riemer Floors is here to guide you in finding the perfect flooring solution for your open concept space.