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Waterproof flooring is worth it

Waterproof flooring is a fantastic choice for rooms with lots of dampness, humidity, and spills, but it's also perfect for every room. The protection that comes with this flooring choice is well worth the time it takes to find the perfect match, thanks to a wealth of options. The more you know about waterproof floors, the better choices you can make when shopping.

Taking the time to consider your waterproof flooring options

One of the first things you'll notice about waterproof flooring is the stunning visual appeal it adds to every room. Choose waterproof laminate flooring that mimics natural stone and hardwood, with a wide range of textures, colors, and layouts that add more authenticity to the surfaces. If you prefer something more artistic, abstracts, animal prints, and geometric patterns may serve your household best.

Durability is another crucial feature that homeowners appreciate, in addition to complete waterproof protection. For example, you'll enjoy impressive scratch, scuff, and stain resistance, thanks to a protective top wear layer that offers a customizable thickness. The more active and busy your home, the thicker this layer should be to provide the perfect waterproof vinyl flooring results in even your most dynamic spaces.

A quick and easy installation makes waterproof vinyl flooring the perfect choice for busy homeowners, especially with the floating floor option. These floors click together and lock into place, securing the surface at any activity level while protecting it as expected. Other installation methods are available, and one waterproof flooring will likely serve you better than all the others, so browse until you find the best one.

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We're here to help you choose the perfect waterproof floors

At Riemer Floors, we focus on providing the quality waterproof flooring products and services our client base is used to, which is an advantage of shopping a family business. Our associates are experienced, with over 20 years of industry experience, and we employ trained, trustworthy installation experts you can trust with every detail of your project. We also have the buying power to offer the best materials and outstanding values, which we'll pass along to you.

If you live in Bloomfield, MI, West Bloomfield, MI, Birmingham, MI, Rochester, MI, or Troy, MI, you're invited to visit our showroom in Bloomfield, MI, whenever you're in the area. We'll ensure the best waterproof flooring and services based on your preferences and requirements, whether large or small. Then, when you're ready to start remodeling, we're here to ensure the perfect results for your home.